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Agriculture in Pakistan

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Essay On Economics Of Pakistan

Pakistan is the country blessed by all types of seasons. The people of this country enjoy all the seasons along with the different natural gifts like snowfall, different kinds of vegetables and fruits, rain, leave fall and many other things. Essay on Pakistan: An Outstanding Essay on Pakistan Agriculture, fishing and forestry are the major sources of livelihood, for the people.

Close to one- half of the labor-force is engaged in these activities, but these account for less than one-quarter of the gross domestic produc­tion.

Essay on Bangladesh: An Outstanding Essay on. Mar 13,  · The per capita income of Pakistan can be increased dramatically through the use of modern technologies in agriculture and industry.

confronted by the people in the urban areas of pakistan. recent socio economic problems socio economic problems of pakistan essay outline socio economic problems of pakistan css forum socio economic. Agriculture plays a very vital role for economy of Pakistan and its development.

48% of labour force is engaged directly with agriculture.

Pakistan - from a “Water-Stressed” to a “Water-Scarce” Country | Complete Essay with Outline

So it is the main source of. Pakistan received use of the waters of the Indus River and its western tributaries, the Jhelum and Chenab rivers. After the treaty was signed, Pakistan We will write a custom essay sample on. Pakistan's economy largely depends on agriculture. Around 60% of Pakistan's population (mostly residing in the rural areas) is directly or indirectly linked with agriculture.

The agriculture sector is the second largest sector of Pakistan and it contributes more than 21 percent to the GDP, more.

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