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Every day, the Institute for Apprenticeships is working with employers to create and develop new apprenticeship standards. We’re doing this to raise the quality of apprenticeships, and to replace all the old apprenticeship frameworks by Err Questions - Childcare Apprenticeship Words | 5 Pages.

ERR Questions Continued Task 4 Employee Number – Your employee number is a unique number that is individual to you.

It allows your employer to have easy access to your online record. Essay about Err Workbook ERR: Employment Rights and Responsibilities As part of your Apprenticeship/NVQ you need to learn and have an understanding about Employment Responsibilities and rights (ERR).

The workbook applies to apprenticeship programmes in England, where ERR is a mandatory component. Although not formally assessed or separately certificated, evidence of completion, signed by the provider, employer and apprentice must be provided in order to obtain an apprenticeship completion certificate.

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