Constructing fantasy in hitchcocks vertigo essay

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Vertigo Feminist Theory

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Hints on Constructing Fantasy in Hitchcock's Vertigo

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Vertigo is about fantasy and longing for an unattainable object, an object that is a construct of the mind of the delusional Scottie Ferguson and that he inevitably destroys. In El the destruction is aimed at the self and the relationship; in Vertigo it is aimed equally at the object and the self, in a total obliteration of any form of rational.

I propose that classical ideals in Western art have proven degenerate or have become corrupted in/by modern commercial culture. This notion is mapped out in a comparison of Hitchcock's masterpiece Vertigo and Ovid's version of the.

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Constructing Fantasy in Hitchcock's Vertigo Essay - Constructing Fantasy in Hitchcock's Vertigo The amount of critical analysis surrounding Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo is itself dizzying, but as the film has recently been restored, it seems appropriate to provide it with a fresh critical reading.

Using an intertextual method, this paper compares the post-Cold War context of James Cameron's True Lies (), with the Cold War-era Alfred Hitchcock film, North by Northwest ().

Constructing fantasy in hitchcocks vertigo essay
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