Essays on african masks

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Culture of Africa

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African Masks

African masquerades are a highly complex and diverse range of cultural practices, few of which correspond closely to ideas associated with mask wearing in the West (African masks history and meaning, S. a. ; African art and architecture, ).

South African artists are active in many areas of art including sculpture, pottery, mask making, and many more (African Arts Information). Like African paintings, poetry, and woodcarvings, sculptures tell a tale and immortalize cultures and beliefs. The National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) is committed to advancing knowledge and understanding of the Native cultures of the Western Hemisphere—past, present, and future—through partnership with Native people and others.

CURRICULUM VITAE. Download CV. Kwame Anthony Akroma-Ampim Kusi APPIAH. Professor of Philosophy and Law, New York University. Laurance S. Rockefeller University Professor of Philosophy and the University Center for Human Values Emeritus, Princeton University. The culture of Africa is varied and manifold, consisting of a mixture of countries with various tribes that each have their own unique characteristic from the continent of is a product of the diverse populations that today inhabit the continent of Africa and the African wowinternetdirectory.comn culture is expressed in its arts and crafts, folklore and .

Essays on african masks
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