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In your second year at Ivey (HBA2), you build strength from the foundational business knowledge and skills developed in your first year. You complete credits consisting of two required courses ( credits each), one semester-long group project ( credit), and a number of elective courses varying in discipline and area of focus.

FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE BACHELOR DEGREE (4-YEAR) ( designated Essay courses must be completed including numbered GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS (CHECK WHEN COMPLETED) MODULE. courses required by the module. ESSAYS. designated essay courses including numbered or above (E, F or G).

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'Environmental Science Course List'; must be or above from Environmental Science are essay courses, is a from the physical and from the life F/G or. So I know that general graduation requirements for bachelor programs include the fulfillment of the breadth and essay requirements, but do these.

· The 12 scholarships valued at $32, each reward top students from across the nation and recognize academic excellence, innovation, community and school engagement, and leadership. · Requirements: minimum of 90% average.

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